Keynotes, lectures and moderation on the topic of
Digitisation for your live or online events

Are you looking for an excellent speaker for your event (offline or online) who can finally explain the complex world of digitalisation in comprehensible terms and optimally combine scientific findings with his practical experience?

Many people can make speeches - my speciality is inspiring! Bring me to your event as your keynote speaker or top speaker on the topic of digitalisation!

As a passionate speaker, I present all the important strategic steps of digitalisation to you: entertaining, dynamic and full of enthusiasm.

For over 20 years, I have been inspiring audiences with enormous knowledge and exciting stories from the sewing box of digitalisation - your participants will be thrilled:

  • > 40,000 people inspired
  • > 24 Top Digital Topics in the Portfolio
  • > 25 years of experience as a coach, speaker and trainer
  • on stage at > 1,200 events worldwide
  • > 400 customer testimonials

With greetings from the stages of the world,
Sanjay Sauldie, MSc.
CEO sauldie.org

Available worldwide: Excellent presentations for your event - Passion, humility and competence: Ready for your stage

Experience me live yourself!

100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

Your audience will still be grateful months after the event that you brought me onto your stage. It doesn't matter to me whether there are only 30 participants or 3,000 in the audience - I have very good experiences with every audience!

Each lecture is unique and is customised with examples from your industry. What is the point of the best technical lecture if you can hardly remember anything a week later? Special learning techniques make it possible for me to permanently anchor what you have just learned in the minds of your guests.

In addition, I offer to interview and moderate the other speakers at your event. So you don't just get a speaker, but also a moderator with expertise for your event if you wish.

With my lecture tools, we can jointly query the feelings, opinions and even the thoughts of the participants on various topics and visualise them immediately. Let's talk about it!


Personal guarantee: You and your participants will be thrilled! Promised!

You will receive a definitive answer to your request within 24 hours. Please let us know the time and place and we will be happy to reserve the appointment with a pencil in our calendar. This date is then only available for you for the time being, so it is worth reserving dates early. Should I personally already be fully booked on this date, I will also be happy to provide you with alternative speakers.

The offer then already includes all important elements such as travel expenses, hotel accommodation (if not booked by you) etc. as a fixed price - there are no further costs for you!

As soon as you have accepted, you will receive access to our VIP area. In this area, you can download images, texts, introductions, etc. that have been completely prepared for you. Everything is already prepared for you - because I also make your work easier through my reliability! In over 20 years, no booking has ever been cancelled because of me! You can rely on that!

I specialise in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as national and international corporations.
Therefore, the services are not collections of theoretical approaches, as offered by journalists or researchers, for example, but a cornucopia of valuable, implementable practical tips that directly invite you to act! We are also happy to support your company, regardless of its size:

International experience working on-site with clients (countries in gold):

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