Let me accompany your company into the digital world with respect, decency & competence - with a globally unique Digital Toolbox

Transruption is a digital toolbox that does not focus on just one key technology, but combines the individual components of digitalisation in a new way. In a Transruption workshop, you will find out which technologies make sense for you and how, by combining them, you can overtake all your competitors and thus emerge as a winner from digitalisation.

Digital technologies have a significant impact on everyday life in business and society. Businesses cannot escape this change and are called upon to be attentive and to All the essential elements of digitalisation without getting bogged down!

If important aspects of digitalisation are not taken into account in a company's strategy, sudden and unexpected changes can occur, such as falling turnover or even the demise of a company. We have experienced this in the past with Kodak or Quelle, for example. Other examples are Nokia and Neckermann.

Such former giants of our economy went under almost overnight because they did not recognise the signs of the times correctly and did not attach the necessary importance to digital change. To ensure that this does not happen to you, we have developed TRANSRUPTION, with which you can select the technologies you need at an early stage in order to move forward.

With successful greetings,
Sanjay Sauldie, MSc.
Developer of the Digital Toolbox TRANSRUPTION

The knowledge of over 24 top trend topics of the digital world combined in one personality: The portfolio for the digital winners of tomorrow

My mission:

Are you planning one or more projects in the area of digitalisation and would like an experienced, strategically oriented companion who can build a powerful digital team out of your employees and expand their digital IQ to all topics of digitalisation so that you can achieve your digital goals faster?

Experience the digitalisation of your company passionately, enthusiastically and appreciatively towards your employees and managers! Over 400 references worldwide speak for themselves! I ensure that you can implement digitalisation sensibly and strategically and are thus optimally positioned in the long term - internally and externally!

My values:

  • To share valuable, realisable impulses with you and your teams and to discover and develop new Digital Opportunities for you.
  • Awaken motivation and enthusiasm for digitalisation in your company: Value-oriented and in a very understandable way, so that everyone is taken along.
  • Indian enthusiasm meets German thoroughness, Swiss precision and Austrian charm and esprit: up-to-date, neutral and appreciative.


Recommended reading:
TRANSRUPTION - Implementing digitisation strategically: instead of experimenting haphazardly!

The digital age brings with it a completely new economic dynamic for industry as well as for distribution and trade. Those who recognise the signs of the times and inform themselves about key technologies and new digital opportunities for action can seize the opportunity. This book offers you a compendium of the most important digital technologies and economic developments of the digital age. If you want to be successful as a decision-maker, you must be able to classify these drastic changes that are coming your way in the 21st century in the context of digitalisation. To this end, this book introduces you to 24 different key technologies and developments. Piece by piece, they are explained:

Transruption was developed during my studies at MIT Sloan Management School and applied to countless companies. This has also led to the coaching concept Cycle of Transruption, which helps companies to introduce the right key technology at the right time in the company and to link it with other key technologies.

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I specialise in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as national and international corporations.
Therefore, the services are not collections of theoretical approaches, as offered by journalists or researchers, for example, but a cornucopia of valuable, implementable practical tips that directly invite you to act! We are also happy to support your company, regardless of its size:

International experience working on-site with clients (countries in gold):

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